TWOTHIRDS Labenne shorts Sale $90.00 $40.00

The 100% organic cotton twill LABENNE bermuda has slim fit and hangs just above the knees. The colours are slightly washed out by a garment dye washing process.


Ethical Attributes

  • Organic Cotton: Grown without use of chemicals harmful to workers and the environment
  • Socially Responsible: Employees guaranteed right to collective bargaining, safe and hygienic conditions, living wages, and no excessive work hours certified by GOTS
  • 10% of profits donated to various ocean causes including Mission Blue
  • Packaging made of algae, completely biodegrades into naturally occurring substances and produces no harmful residue
  • Minimized impact of fabric treatments
  • Minimized water usage throughout production process
  • Environmental education through the Sentinel Program. For more info


100% organic cotton. Made in Turkey.

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