Nudie Jeans

We are thrilled to now be carrying Nudie Jeans, brand new to Three Leaves.  They have the best looking (organic cotton) jeans you can buy. Will be listed in the shop soon. 

We just visited their amazing office yesterday picking for Fall/Winter 2013- and oh the possibilities of a chalk wall!


Nudie uses only 100% organic cotton in their denim, have a bunch of certifications based on their light environmental footprint and fair treatment of workers, and work in collaboration with the Human Rights Gallery for the benefit of Amnesty International. Truly a brand that does not put profits above the health of people and the planet. These are the brands we try to align ourselves with.

They are OBSESSED with denim... and it shows. Check out their behemoth, inspiring lookbook.

They use recycled denim in some of their jeans.  Watch the process

Need patching help? You will. These jeans only get better with age, as raw denim jean gets its own unique character with wear.  I'm looking forward to beating the hell out of mine.

Visit again over the next coming days for the new Nudie Jeans to be listed in the shop. Or sign up for the e-mail list and we'll tell you when new stuff like Nudie comes in... and get 10% off your 1st purchase after joining.