Meet the Model: Colin Sussingham

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What do you do for a living? What do you like about it?                   

Right now I work as an assistant for an artist and in a woodshop. I have been doing assisting for artists for about 3 years now as well as a bunch of random odd jobs and freelance work. I really like being able to make things with my hands and work on pieces that come out as beautiful objects after a lot of labor has been put into it. 

Tell me about your artistic pursuits - what got you interested in photography and zines- what do you try to accomplish with your work?  Can you describe your work?

I went to school for design at Pratt, and at the same time got really into photography. My mother got me into photography because she used to be a photographer with her father. I started making zines after I finished school as a way to keep doing design and work with my photography at the same time.

After school I was working for a printmaker named Dennis McNett in Bushwick. He's a really amazing and inspiring person. He taught me about how important collaboration is in artwork and life in general. So I started a submission based zine called Sundays Zine. Like anything else it took a while to make it into something that people were aware of but slowly a lot more people are sending stuff in and contacting me to trade work and photos and such. 

It's really amazing how many people you can reach out to nowadays. Even though it is a completely submission based zine, I do try to relay over certain themes and aesthetics, such as well thought out compositions, interesting imagery or ideas, and stuff that makes you realize how interesting and mysterious the world we live in really is. It seems like a bit of a stretch when you look at it but it really is something I take into consideration when putting the zines together. I would describe my photography as my documentation of the real people around me. I try my best to capture things in their natural state. A candid view on the culture that I'm immersed in, which is basically skateboarding and hanging out with my friends. 

Who inspires you?

One of my main inspirations once again is Dennis McNett. He was basically my mentor for 2+ years and has shown me good work ethic and execution. He really taught me that if you want something done you have to take the time out to do it yourself. The support of my family to do what I want to do is a huge help. And all of my close friends who support me and my work.  

How would you describe your personal style?

I like designing clothes so I usually try to wear something I've made, but apart from that, a pair of khakis or jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or button down is what I wear. Comfort is the goal.  

Feel free to submit work to Sundays or contact Colin for any other info about the zine or his photography.

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