Introducing General Knot and Alchemy Goods

We are proud to introduce two new U.S. based brands to Three Leaves.  General Knot and Alchemy goods help to round out our collection with a few more vegan, eco-friendly accessories.  Read on for the story.

General Knot

Andrew Payne of Bedford, NY-based General Knot collects beautiful rare and vintage fabrics to create unique, handmade ties in very limited quantities. Using vintage fabric gives General Knot ties character; there is a story behind them. And we are always for re-using existing material and reducing waste in any small way possible.  Watch the video to get a behind the scenes look at General Knot.  


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Alchemy Goods

Like crazy medieval alchemists Seattle-based Alchemy Goods upcycle inner tubes, old seatbelts, and advertising banners to create their supremely functional and good-looking wallets, belts, and bags. These materials are extremely durable, recycled, and vegan. It feels good to save the landfill from additional trash and a few cows along the way. 


Each item from Alchemy Goods is marked with a number so you know just how much of your product is made from upcycled materials. The 90 in the picture below is the percent of upcycled material in the belt. So only 10% of the belt is comprised of new material. That's pretty cool.



So far 400,000 bicycle inner tubes have been collected and turned into beautiful vegan goods.  It’s like Alchemy. 

Recycle your own bike tubes with Alchemy Goods

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