We're Moving!


'I can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog'

I am happy to announce that Three Leaves is going to be moving to Colorado, the Denver area, around Christmas time. Moving out of the city has been something I've been working towards for a while - can't believe it's almost here. I can't wait to explore the rockies.

Fantasizing of being deep in the rockies sitting around a campfire brings us to this week's edition of...


a collection of items that you could wear if you were camping with some friends and were inclined to look awesome

1 Average Joe Jeans from Nudie- A relaxed fit organic cotton jean.  Perfect for scuffing up walking through the woods and sitting on logs. 

2 Thermal Hemp Shirt from Jungmaven - A warm under layer. Hemp is a new fav of ours thanks to the dudes at Jungmaven.

3 Recycled winter hat from Arbor CollectiveRecycled Acrylic 

4 Bisca Hoodie from Twothirds - warm hoodie made with organic cotton.  Incredibly soft inner.

5 Scarf from Knowledge Cotton Apparel - A thick and warm scarf.  Bonus: just throw it over your head and it sits there. No knots or loose ends to deal with.

6 Flannel from Knowledge Cotton Apparel -  A warm flannel with colors to match the leaves.  Get lost out there.

7 Thick ethical wool socks from Knowledge Cotton Apparel - A trick learned from many cold hours in the catskills.  Layer your feet.  Wear these on top of your regular socks.  Then tuck your feet into some big boots. (see below)

8 Sturdy vegan, and just generally awesome looking, black work boots from Brave Gentleman.