Arbor Seaside Boardshorts Sale $65.00 $32.00

Seaside boardshorts from Arbor with velcro and lace close.  Two velcro-close cargo pockets and neoprene comfort fly.  No traditional pockets.  Black with light tan stripe. 

Ethical Attributes

  • Bamboo: A sustainable fiber.  It is the fastest growing plant and is self- regenerating.  It does not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow and needs only natural rainfall.
  • Arbor is Carbon Neutral. They work with True Offsets to restore forestlands in Hawaii
  • Donate 5% of profits to support environmental groups
  • Mission of sustainability:  Arbor prints on recycled paper, uses soy-based inks, recycles all office waste, and builds all displays with recycled/ sustainable materials

21" Outseam. Model is 6'2 wearing size 32

Poly infused with nano bamboo

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